“Sara Reedy, the rape victim accused of lying and jailed by US police, wins $1.5m payout”


“I Was Raped—and the Police Told Me I Made It Up”
” . . Sara Reedy was working as a cashier in a gas station in . . Cranberry, Pennsylvania . . .
Frank Evanson, the detective . . . accused her of stealing the cash from the drawer and fabricating the assault story as a cover-up. She was put in jail for five days, and waited eight . . . months for her criminal trial. . . .

Wilbur Brown was arrested for a similar crime a month before Sara’s trial date in 2005. He confessed to both Reedy’s assault and the robbery, in addition to numerous other rapes. . . .

. . . she sued the Cranberry Township Police Department. But the suit was dismissed in 2009, after Detective Evanson presented evidence claiming that Sara had pulled the power cord to the gas station’s security system an hour before the time she claimed to have been assaulted. She pulled the cord, he testified, in order to steal the $600, and then invented the rape story as a mere diversion.

Except, it turns out, the good detective had misread the security company’s timestamp data . . . ”

(emphasis added)