The Few Bad Lawyers

“The Prosecutor on Trial: Ex-Maricopa County Attorney Faces Disbarment for Political Acts”
“Lawyer is reprimanded for lying about appeal”

“F. Lee Bailey loses his quest to practice law again after past misdeeds”
” . . . But Bailey retained control over the stock and used the proceeds after selling some shares for his own purposes. When he was unable to turn the stock over to the government, he was sent to prison for contempt and held for 44 days until he was finally able to turn over the stock.”

“Lawyer charged with failing to return $15 million in condo deposits”

FBI: “South Loop Condo Developer and Two Attorneys Among Six Defendants Indicted in $22.8 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme”

“Lawyer, 14 others charged in $20M ‘prince and pauper’ mortgage and welfare scheme”

“Prominent attorney and wife stabbed in home invasion are identified; lawyer suspects are in custody”

“NJ Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Robbing Elderly Clients
A New Jersey attorney is facing prison time after pleading guilty to bilking elderly clients out of millions of dollars using phony powers of attorney and . . . “

“Judge Suspended for Creating, Concealing Conflict”
“New Jersey Family Court Judge Melanie Appleby received a one-month suspension without pay Nov. 5 for creating and helping to conceal a conflict of interest with a lawyer who helped her with her own child-support issue even though he had cases before her.”

FBI: “Lakeville Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Commit Fraud in Connection with Burnsville Condo Development”

“Lawyer Charged with Stealing Escrow Funds & Failing to Pay Off Outstanding Mortgage”

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