The Few Bad Docs

“Pennsylvania Physician Pleads Guilty To Tax Charges, Health Care Fraud”

“Johnstown Doctor Charged With Illegally Distributing Narcotics”

“The Money, the MD and a $12 Million Patient Safety Scandal”

” . . . Dr. Charles R. Denham until the Justice Department alleged he took nearly $12 million in kickbacks from CareFusion Corp. to influence a national guideline for a product hospitals buy to prevent infections during surgery.”

“Patient Safety Journal Finds Violations, Tightens Standards After Scandal”

“The scandal started when the Justice Department accused Denham of taking $11.6 million in kickbacks from CareFusion, a pharmaceutical company that makes the surgical antiseptic ChloraPrep. Denham wasn’t a defendant in the civil case, which the company settled for $40 million. But prosecutors claimed he was paid to influence recommendations of the Quality Forum in favor of the drug. . . .”

“How Many Die From Medical Mistakes in U.S. Hospitals?”
“In 2010, the Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services said that bad hospital care contributed to the deaths of 180,000 patients in Medicare alone in a given year.

Now comes a study in the current issue of the Journal of Patient Safety that says the numbers may be much higher — between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death, the study says. . . . ”

2014 Medical Fraud Files from
“Doctor suspended amid charges of sexting during surgery”

“Official: Employee at Jefferson Regional replaced Oxycodone with non-narcotic meds”

“Answers on drug switch elude family”
“Her husband, prescribed the painkiller oxycodone, might not have received the drug, they told her.

A pharmacy technician who handled medication packaging had stolen painkillers and substituted non-narcotic medication, the hospital said. He later was fired.”


“Rogue-Surgeon Case Raises Question of Who Knew What”“Mich. doctor admits to fraudulent treatments”“California may have paid millions for fraudulent drug treatment -audit”“Doctor accused of selling false hope to families”“Dabigatran: how the drug company withheld important analyses”“$37 Million Settlement Reached In Unnecessary Heart Stent Case”“Deaths Linked to Cardiac Stents Rise as Overuse Seen”“Ontario doctors performing unnecessary cardiac tests, study finds
Ontario government has potential to save millions by tightening use of echocardiograms.”“We’re Still Not Tracking Patient Harm”
“Top patient-safety experts call on Congress to step in and, among other steps, give the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wider responsibility for measuring medical mistakes.”“Hopkins Pays $190M in Pelvis Exam Pix Settlement”
“A “rogue” gynecologist who used tiny cameras to secretly record videos and photos of his patients has forced one of the world’s top medical centers to pay $190 million to 8,000 women and girls.”“Labor Department issues warning about Hopkins doctor’s findings on black lung claims”
“The U.S. Department of Labor warned its officials to view with skepticism any X-ray readings by Dr. Paul Wheeler of Johns Hopkins”

“Fanny Pack Mixup Unravels Massive Medicare Fraud Scheme
Two secretaries in a doctor’s office have pleaded guilty and a pharmacy owner faces charges in a scam that Medicare allowed to thrive for more than two years.”

“Duped into donating kidneys”
” . . . reports on why so many villagers in Kavre, a tiny district in Nepal, fall prey to organ traffickers.”

“Medicare Billing Outliers Often Have Disciplinary Problems, Too”
” . . . how often doctors with unusual billing patterns have been disciplined by their state medical boards or have faced accusations against their licenses.”

“VA deaths covered up to make statistics look better, whistle-blower says”

“Scientist who faked AIDS research indicted”

“Woman Disfigured After Cancer Misdiagnosis to Get Free Surgery”

“Hospital pays $16.5M to settle cardiologists’ fraud case”

“Woman Gets $11.6M Bill After Death of Disabled Brother in NYC Facility”
” . . . one year after his sister filed a lawsuit accusing the staff of killing him, New York officials have sent her an $11.67 million bill.”
“The New York medical examiner concluded Rose’s death was a homicide and that he “became unresponsive” while being restrained . . . ”
“She alleges that at least three staff threw Rose to the ground and one sat on him . . . ”

“Hummus Maker Warned of ‘Extreme Safety Risk’ Before Temp Worker’s Death”
“Daniel Collazo was pulled into a hummus grinder in 2011. New documents show Tribe Mediterranean Foods knew about the safety problem that caused his death, but did nothing about it.”

“Texas woman claims she gave birth alone in jail, baby died”

“Ex-patients, families say decades of abuse, fraud at Colorado facility ignored”

“Complaints, Suicide Fail to Close Mental Health Center”

“Federal judges plead guilty”
“Juris imprudence: Litigants reeling after judges admit conflicts of interest”

“Even After Doctors Are Sanctioned or Arrested, Medicare Keeps Paying”

“Drug Company Agrees to Pay $27.6 Million to Settle Allegations Involving Chicago Psychiatrist”

“Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. was accused of paying Michael Reinstein, a psychiatrist who has figured into two ProPublica investigations, to overprescribe a risky antipsychotic.””Family Hospitalized After Eating LSD-Laced Meat”

“Family sues Petco after deadly rat bite”

“Whistleblower Nabs Cardiologist for Alleged Fraud”

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