The Few Bad Cops

“Officer violated cuffed man’s rights with stun gun Millvale Police Officer Nicole Murphy could face prison time”  Nov 2014

“Interactive map said to show deaths by law enforcement”

“Family of Boy Injured by ‘Grenade’ Has $1M in Medical Bills”
“They raided the wrong house.”
“Alecia and Bounkham Phonesavanh never imagined their family would be at the center of a controversy over the militarization of police. But that’s exactly where they found themselves when their toddler was seriously injured by a SWAT team, also leaving them with a $1 million medical bill they have no hope of paying.”

VIDEO “New evidence sheds light on deadly traffic stop” “Officer who shot Cleveland boy had “dismal” review”
read /see more: Must Reads 2014“NYPD Officer Not Indicted in Eric Garner Choke Hold Death”

“No charges in NYC chokehold death; federal inquiry launched”

“Pregnant Ferguson Woman Blind After Being Shot in Face by Police Bean Bag”


“Police misconduct investigated after video surfaces”
“Largent soon notices he’s being videotaped by Hyatt, and apparently takes umbrage, turning his attention to Hyatt.“You, get in your car and leave now!,” Largent yells in the video. “You’re interrupting my investigation! Right now!”Hyatt replies to the commands, “I’m more than 25 feet away, I have a right to record you in your line of service!””

“Tale of the Tape: When Police Brutality Is Caught on Camera”

“Restroom arrests bring allegations of overzealous policing”
“Cornell Holden, a 28-year-old baker, was one of the men arrested. He tells the Times he was standing at a urinal when he noticed a bald man at the next urinal was staring at him. Holden says he was arrested though he did nothing wrong; a police officer claims he was rubbing himself in a manner “consistent with masturbation.” At the police station, Holden alleges, he overheard a cop refer to the bald plainclothes officer who arrested him as the “gay whisperer.” . . . ”

“Woman punched by Calif. cop settles for $1.5M”

“Ousted Border Patrol Official: Agency Covered Up ‘Highly Suspect’ Deaths”

“Handcuffed Black Youth Shot Himself to Death, Says Coroner”

“Oklahoma cop charged with raping, abusing 8 women”

“LAPD officers tampered with in-car recording equipment, records show”
Spring 2014

“Chief: St. Louis County cop on leave after video tirade”
“Video has surfaced showing a St. Louis County, Mo., police officer engaging in an hour-long lecture in which he rails against “our undocumented president,” the “black-robed perverts” of the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. laws that promote equality, prompting the police chief to put him on administrative leave.”

“Philly Drug Officers Charged With Stealing Drugs, Money”
“Six officers face a total of 26 indictments”

“Video appears to show man who died put in chokehold by N.Y. police” YouTube VIDEO:


“Full un-edited video presented in Kelly Thomas murder trial”

“Kelly Thomas case: why police were acquitted in killing of homeless man (+video)”
Jan 2014

“FL Police Dept Somehow Manages to Hire Three Klan Members”

“Police to Take Graphic Photos of Teen as Evidence”
“A Virginia teenager is fighting efforts by police who want to take photos of him in a sexually aroused state . . . ”

“Video shows cop punching woman on L.A. freeway”

“Cleveland Police Officers Indicted in Large Chase”
“Patrol officer Michael Brelo, indicted on manslaughter charges, fired at least 15 shots, including fatal shots, while standing on the hood of the car after the vehicle was trapped by police cruisers and other officers had stopped firing, McGinty said. . . . ”

“Baby in Coma After Police ‘Grenade’ Dropped in Crib During Drug Raid”

“Police chief calls President Obama the N-word”
” . . .  police commissioner is refusing to apologize  . . . ”

“Cyclist arrested for recording an officer during a red light stop”!MYpR4

“Woman Charged with Wiretapping Her Own Arrest”

“LAPD officers tampered with in-car recording equipment, records show”

“Out of 257 Chicago-area juveniles charged as adults over a 2-year period, 1 was white”

“Excessive and deadly force by Albuquerque police violated civil rights, Justice Department concludes”

“Law student suit says NYC cops handcuffed him when he questioned them during a lunch break”

Cop Accused of Assaulting Woman Who Called for Help”

“Police slice off woman’s hair weave”
“Security cameras show police cutting off a woman’s weave at a Michigan jail. WXYZ’s Heather Catallo has the story.”

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